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Nothing as significant as Facebook emoticons, the small & cute characters, can have filled your online world energetic & afresh. When you are short of words, here they are to your rescue. Whether it is by way of a great smiley, frown, wink, animal emoticons as penguin or shark, or a special character as a robot, you can use them every day to express feelings when interacting with your friends and families. You use them as per your wish and enhance the effect of your communication.

In other words, all Facebook emoticons have an identity of their own and a personality has to depict something. Just like the individuality that we exist in us, are Facebook emoticons and they too can be given a name as introvert, extrovert, outspoken, playful, music lover, etc. to their individuality. We can’t quote any personality to be good or bad since each one has its own pros and cons. In fact, a personality is the natural thing we are blessed with since birth & therefore, if you ask can Facebook emoticons be set into a particular personality, the answer will be no! Every personality trait has emotions in varying degrees & when it is about online interactions, there are Facebook emoticons to appropriately suit every netizen’s requirements.

facebook chat emoticons

If you possess an introvert personality, use of Facebook emoticons gets very obvious for you especially because you might not be very vocal and expressive in conveying your emotions verbally and tend to be good in written communication. That’s where you can utilize the power of Facebook emoticons & bring an edge to your dealings. Adding these fun-filled, bold and beautiful characters to convey precisely and perfectly what you want to, can make Facebook emoticons to be the best friends for some of you.

Those tagged as extroverts are already inclined to effectively communicate & therefore, are even more likely to use emoticons in their interactions. Facebook emoticons are useful in simply adding value to what they want to say loud & concise. Having owned such a persona, there is no harm in adding some spice to your online life and making your non-verbal interactions as influential as verbal. But for those balanced personalities amongst us, Facebook emoticons are such a handy friend that comes into play when desperately needed.

Helping overcome communicative limitations, these cool, cute and adorable characters in the form of Facebook emoticons are happily ready to bring that vibrancy in your online dealings.

facebook emoticons